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We offer practical guide guides for employers and managers for various sectors of the economy.


In an effort to help businesses engaged in agricultural, forestry, municipal, construction, earthmoving, manufacturing, service and repair activities, we have developed and continuously update manuals for various sectors of the economy and various types of activities. Each manual is prepared as of the date of entering the customer's request and on the day of issue contains applicable legal and other regulations (including changes, corrections and amendments). The amendment of an already published manual is performed according to the customer's requirements.


These manuals bring a new perspective on the fulfillment of the obligations of the employer and the employee in the field of safety and health at work. The manuals have the following advantages over publications of this kind:


They contain important specific requirements for employers and employees and are not just a list of references to regulations.


Quick orientation due to the arrangement, which is performed according to individual risk activities.


Individual areas can be operatively supplemented with a deeper analysis according to customer requirements.



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